ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard not Reflecting Server Problems Despite Open ESRI Cases - Cases should influence AGO Health Dashboard

06-28-2019 05:35 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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Two days in a row, all of our hosted feature services (and maps/apps/ODs/etc) on Service 5 were unavailable, yet the ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard does not reflect these service disturbances.

We have had two ESRI Cases on Server 5 being down, and after speaking with two ESRI Analysts, it seems like everyone at ESRI was aware of the issue with "Hive 5" but still the Online Health Dashboard shows a nice little green checkbox for Hosted Feature Services for the last 2 days.

The ESRI Analysts also stated that they have no control over what the ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard says.

This is a big disconnect and makes the ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard pretty useless.

I really hope ESRI resolves whatever issues it is having with Server/Hive 5 as it is holding up our productivity and I hope that the ESRI Analysts are given some avenue for taking our ESRI Cases and contributing to an accurate ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard.