ArcGIS Online & Collector App: Respect local URL/UNC links

01-09-2014 08:21 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor
Both these programs currently have the ability to link to external files using hyperlinks in a feature data field. However, the URL/UNC does not appear to be respected if the hyperlink uses a UNC pointing to a local resource. For example this UNC (from an Android device) would not work (the program doesn't recognize this as a hyperlink).


This would be extremely useful in the Collector app, especially if the Offline capabilites (when they become available) are to be utilized. Please make these programs respect hyperlinks and allow linking to local files on mobile devices using UNC path names in feature data fields.

Couldn't agree more.
Yep, ran into this today.  Would be a worthwhile improvement
I would like this available for all web apps where possible due to security constraints on our end.
Yeah this would be helpful inside Colletor
We had this functionality in our Flex Viewer map, so it's disappointing that AGOL doesn't offer the same functionality. As an example, we have a polygon layer that shows the location of plats in our county, and the office staff could click on the plat and then click on the hyperlinked UNC path to access supporting documentation that is stored on a local server. It was a real time saver for them, and it didn't matter that the links didn't work outside our network because the map was only used internally.

This functionality is integral to our business functions.  Until this is implemented organizations such as mine will struggle to adopt AGOL... Very disappointing.