ArcGIS Online Back-ups - hosted feature layers and web maps/apps

01-19-2016 08:00 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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As far as I can tell, the only way to back-up your hosted feature layers is to go to each one's "item details" page and click "export" and download the FGDB. What if I have 50 hosted feature layers? I have to go to each one individually and perform that work flow.

Can Esri implement a "back-up" button or a "download all" button?

For backing up web maps and apps, I don't think I have any options, at least not built in. How about some tools built in for this too?

Yes!  We lost a lot of maps and apps recently and would love to see a backup or easy way to download all or even easy way to make sure all our app/maps have the "protect from delete" attribute checked.
Yes please!

This is an absolute necessity for my organization as well.  Especially the web maps - I don't know if there is a way to back them up at all.  There are crude ways to backup feature services and apps right now, but some sort of one-stop backup/restore interface would be very helpful.


Yes, this is essential for our organization as well.  Backing up each file individually becomes impractical (essentially impossible) when there are lots of files.  There needs to be a way to batch backup everything at once. 


100% agree.  Does this feature exist yet?


This would be amazing for teachers who use AGO as a way to have students occasionally back up their data.

This would also be an awesome way for students to save their work.  I remember in school saving CAD files, shapefiles, etc., and using them in interviews/resumes/etc.


Absent an ability to backup Story Maps, how do you approach making updates to the map without violating the most basic rules about testing software before it goes into production, and being able to back out of an update gone bad?  Do you have suggested strategies for dodging compliance officers?


This is the primary reason why we don't use AGO more, though we would really like to. There's no easy way to back things up. I've written scripts that will download data from specific hosted features but that's way too cumbersome to do for all content. The API tools to do this already exist so why is there no user-friendly front end in AGO? Also,  having backups/replication for cloud data seems like it would be a no-brainer for esri as it could potentially double the storage credit consumption with a simple checkbox added to Settings. Toggle on Backup. Set an interval. Done. ESRI doubles its money from existing users and potentially adds thousands of new customers who currently don't use it for lack of an easy backup solution.


Kelly Gerrow‌ - you were asking for org admin ideas, this be a good one


I have been searching for a good way to backup all of my data, maps, and apps in ArcGIS Online and have not yet found a good solution.  This seems to be much needed functionality for any organization to move to the ArcGIS Online platform.  We have started to make greater use of it at my Organization, but I am very concerned that we are not backing any of our data up.  Please provide a solution to be able to create backups of all organization content.  Thanks!