ArcGIS Online and Portal Version

12-01-2014 03:05 PM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

Portal and ArcGIS Online should be on the same release build. It is very confusing to keep up to date with what AGOL can do and what Portal can't do. Sometimes, we develop apps for ArcGIS Online and then we have to change to Portal due to AGOL limitations and then we realize that the REST API is a bit different namely in terms of functionality. Then we have to fix the code to make it compatible with Portal.

Jose Sousa
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Given how old this idea is, I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more votes and views. This is a major issue that is only going to get worse with time as more and more features are introduced into AGOL. Even at 10.7.1, my Portal is not in sync with the latest AGOL update. Why is this a big deal? Many reasons: I can't use distributed collaboration with newer apps that aren't supported in Portal; my end users get confused between why they can do certain things in AGOL and not Portal; and as an administrator, I have to keep on top of the changes in both platforms and wait patiently to do something in Portal that I know is possible in AGOL. What scares me even more is the future... what happens when AGOL introduces the new web map viewer later this year? According to a presentation I went to at the UC, the new map viewer won't be in Portal for at least two more releases. This means a completely separate experience for making maps in AGOL versus Portal for years and no ability for distributed collaboration with these maps. It's also frustrating as a mainly Portal user to have to wait so long for functionality that exists in AGOL. 

I know that the reasoning is complex, but I'd love for the Enterprise and AGOL teams to really sit down and think about the future and how they can get these two products in sync. Maybe an easier Enterprise upgrade where you can upgrade just Portal? I don't know, but something needs to change.