ArcGIS Online Analysis Results - Temporary Until Stored

04-14-2015 01:24 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

ArcGIS Online analysis tools currently create a hosted feature service of results by default, preserving the results of every analysis in the (cloud) database. Many analyses are run iteratively, testing parameters and values, until the desired result is achieved. To that end, it would be beneficial if analysis tool results were stored in another, more temporary, way (in browser as graphics or in a featureCollection) by default. If the analyst decides to preserve the results of an analysis an option should exist in the GUI to store the result as a feature service.

This has multiple potential benefits:
- A reduction in the number of iterative hosted feature services published to an org that must be cleaned up after the analysis;
- A more easy post-analysis data cleanup workflow;
- A more appropriate way to deploy some analysis tools through the Analysis Widget in Web App Builder. With analysis results temporary by default, web app builder configurations could be created to enable end-users to perform analysis in the app without requiring the publication of hosted feature services each time the widget is used.