ArcGIS OnLine - Allow selection color for polygons to be controlled

06-16-2016 12:05 PM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Online, both Web Maps and Web Mapping Applications have a default color set for selected polygons. The polygon boundary is highlighted in cyan and the polygon highlighted in a semi-transparent brown. (See image below)

While clearing the selection will remove this highlight, many inexperienced users may not think to do that. Also experienced users with concerns regarding color choices may worry changing the color of a thematically colored layer is unacceptable.

Some Web Mapping Application templates do change this, however, I have found they then change too many other things to be acceptable. It seems like it would be easy to allow selection color to be controlled in all Web Maps and Web Mapping Applications.

Chad highlighted.PNG


I have posted this as a discussion as well.  ArcGIS OnLine - Allow selection color for polygons to be controlled


For my purposes, this issue has now been properly addressed. The answer came from Kelly Hutchins​ with a suggestion to add text to the header info field that can control the highlight color. I have tested it in my (non-public) Web Mapping Applications and the Story Maps built on those Web Mapping Applications and it is working fine and meets my needs.

holy mack.PNG


Upvoted! I would also like to have Online respect the selection properties of Feature Services that are set in the client. More than polygons, I would like control on lines and point selection symbology.

For example, if a round blue valve point changes to an orange construction cone when selected (as predefined in the layer properties of the feature layer before publishing the feature service) then have those properties pass to Online for use in Collector or other apps that consume the feature services.


Just to note, while the work-around trick helped my immediate needs, I still think this should be an easy to control choice in all web maps and app templates. And as David Wassworth mentions above, a solution should be able to control the selection color on lines and points as well.


Ray - I would like to use Kelly Hutchins' work around but I'm not sure how to 'add text to the header info field'.  I'm using web app builder and I a would like to change the highlight color for polygons that are selected as the result of a search.


When using the Collector app it is hard to see the cyan colored line.  So to work around not being able to change the color we have made the line very thick.  Then when you select the polygon it is a dark thick line with a thin cyan line.  It works, however not the best option.


I would also like to have the ability to change the color of selected polygons in ArcGIS Online web maps. We have a map that displays power outage polygons as graduated symbols based on number of customers impacted when users are zoomed out on the map. When a user selects one of the symbols, the polygon is still highlighted in cyan on the map even though it isn't displayed. I would like to make the cyan outline transparent so users can't see the polygon outline. I attached a screenshot demonstrating the issue.