ArcGIS Online: Allow for story map applications to be public while keeping supporting webmaps private

01-05-2016 05:03 PM
Status: Open
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It would reduce clutter and confusion for those searching through story maps if we could keep private the supporting maps behind public-facing story map applications. As it is, if someone looks for a particular story map, search results will turn up both the application made for the public and the map it is based on.

This becomes particularly unnecessary when there are layers of embedding. To use a personal example, this series of story maps (starting here: has 23 pieces (maps and applications), of which a good chunk only exist to make the story work. When all the supporting pieces have to be made public and searchable for any of it to work, it only makes it difficult for users to find what is actually relevant.

This previously posted idea mentioned the Shortlist application as an example. While a comment mentioned that the idea has been implemented, I could only find that it was implemented for that particular application example. It would be helpful if this was an option when making any type of story map application!
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This is similar to an issue I would like to see resolved with Arcgis Online's sharing schema in general, which I discuss in detail under a post titled  "ArcGIS Online - Sharing functionality