ArcGIS Online Administrator Tracking

06-14-2017 07:59 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

We have several ArcGIS Online administrators at VDOT and would benefit from a log in order to track and trace administrative functions.


For example, if an ArcGIS Online account member is going to retire, an administrator will disable the person's account and in many cases, will move existing content to another specified user. Currently there is no record of this transaction.


Modeling the functionality used in the My Esri site by capturing details within a searchable log, would be beneficial for administrative functions relating to: Account creation, deletion and disablement, Content movement and deletion and editing of the main Site Settings.


Esri’s consideration of this request is appreciated. Thank you!

by Anonymous User

I would even go as far as seeing changes to sharing for ArcGIS Online items.


I upvoted, but with the caveat that permissions to this feature need to be really really tight. I would suggest that this be a custom role, that "Admins" do not inherit. If it's a log, that makes this easy, as IT can control where the log goes and who has access to it. 


I would like to see this for all major functions

  • setting authoritative/deprecated
  • Sharing/unsharing
  • editing metadata (last edited by)