ArcGIS Configurable Apps Interpret Imagery Image Viewer should be able to search OGC WMS and WMTS services

05-18-2021 09:58 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

We are trying to build an imagery viewer application using the ArcGIS configurable apps Interpret Imagery template. The Image viewer doesn't recognise WMTS or WMS image services for use in the time slider for analysis.

We want to be able to create an app with a timeslider of different epochs of imagery from our Imagery provider. Unfortunatley our imagery providers web services are in OGC format and not Esri Image Services. We would prefer to use build our own web app and combine the vendors web services into it rather than sending users to a seperate web application hosted by the imagery provider because our application will contain additional business data that adds context for users before searching for different imagery.