Arcade support in web map filters and AGOL widgets

10-04-2018 01:33 PM
Status: Open
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Please extend support for Arcade so that these expressions can be used in webmap filters:

Webmap filter

...and in AGOL WAB widgets, specifically the filter tool:

WAB Filter - no Arcade :-(

If Arcade expressions are already in use for display, it would be simpler to be able to filter by the same expression.

Arcade has more power than the OOTB filter builders so supporting it at the filter level offers more flexible solutions.

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by Anonymous User

Heck yes, would be great.


We have a use case for this too (i.e. a fire Bans and Restrictions layer.  I'm using the Arcade expression to style a layer to show polygons that have an active date and time.  If the active date and time is older than now() , show the polygon, else don't draw the polygon.  This works well; however, if a user opens the attribute table they will still see the features that aren't yet active.  We need to be able to filter the layer using the same arcade expression used for the styling.

Please implement this idea.


This is the second time in a couple of weeks that I have wanted to do this.  

I have someone elses data in my map, yet I've used the attribute expressions to add information from one of my layers.  I would rather not have to actually make a copy of someone elses data just so that the layer can be filtered on based how it intersects with my data (I'm wanting to be able to identify all the maraes that are within our different wards).

I have also wanted to use this for the now() function.  To be able to filter based on todays date, or a specified date in relation to today.