Apply Calculations to Selected Records AGOL Calculator

05-10-2018 11:27 AM
Status: Open
MVP Emeritus

As the title implies, when using the ArcGIS OnLine calculator it would be nice to apply calculations to selected records only.


I agree it would be useful and intuitive to be able to calculate selected records from the item details/data/table view page (and also from the attribute table in the map view).

A workaround that I just tested works as follows: 

  • on the item details/visualization page, set a filter to define the records you want to calculate.  Save the layer.
  • Then go back to the data/table view, and you will see only the filtered records.  You're then able to calculate only the filtered records. 
  • You can then go back to the visualization page to remove or change your filter. 
  • Somewhat clunky but it works and can be faster if you have a lot of records requiring updates to values.  You might want to add/use a test field to ensure results are as you expect.

Yes please! It is quite clunky and a significant hurdle for teaching non-GIS folks to do very basic tasks, like tagging a "done" field for records that have been downloaded and post-processed.