Apply Attribute Expresions Perminately

01-29-2020 08:22 AM
Status: Open
by Anonymous User
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I know that there has been some issues with attribute expressions transferring over to other applications in the AGOL ecosystem and it would be very helpful if you could create "snapshots" of the attribute expressions. Theoretically it would add the field and perform the calculation for "that moment in time". Bonus points if you could rerun this as needed.

For us at Metro I offer an up to date streetview url that my planners can use to reference the location and conditions of a stop. This relies on the XY Coordinates which can change from time to time. When I bake this equation into a feature service that is being used by Web app builder it does not allow my planners to export a csv. When I build a dashboard with calculated counts I am unable to use these fields it for operations dashboard. And as an Android user, Attribute expressions are not supported by the non-beta version of collector. 

TLDR: Attribute Expressions are not adopted across the platform, so it would be helpful to move them over from temporary storage to being hard coded into the feature service. Bonus points for being able to hang onto the expression and rerun as needed.