Alternative Basemaps In ArcGIS Online

02-16-2017 02:25 PM
Status: Open
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Many ArcGIS Online maps utilize basemaps not hosted by ESRI.  If the provider of a basemap takes their server down (for maintenance etc), any ArcGIS Online map that utilizes that basemap will be unable to load.  I propose that we be allowed to specify an alternative / fail-safe basemap that the map would attempt to load in the case that it was unable to load the primary basemap.

In our particular case, we utilize imagery provided by our state data center for the basemap on most of our AGO maps.  When they take their server down for maintenance, our maps go down.  If the map were, instead, able to load an alternative basemap (ESRI, self-hosted, etc), then the maps would remain live until the state's server is put back online.

It could be implemented by adding a "Specify Alternative Basemap" to the options popup when you click on the Basemap in any given ArcGIS Online map.

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It is inconvenient for users who are accustomed to seeing a high-res basemap provided by a public-sector service, and then when the service goes down for maintenance or whatever, the app won't work and I get calls.  The lazy response is just to use Esri imagery as a basemap, but for our clients, that means a loss of ortho resolution, which is important for determining the location of utilities.  An "Alternate Basemap" is a great idea.

by Anonymous User

Does the map use a custom projection? The map viewer should default to the topographic map if no basemap is specified.