Allow users to view full metadata on

03-23-2018 10:47 AM
Status: Open
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ESRI allows the entry of very detailed metadata for the resources provided through but clicking on the metadata button returns only a subset of the metadata, regardless of the metadata style. ESRI, rightfully so, promotes the use of metadata to explain what a resource means, where it came from, how it was processed, etcetera yet leaves most information out when displaying the metadata.

A specific example is the Resource Constraints section of the metadata editor. It offers tabs for general, legal, and security constraints, yet only displays general constraints when displaying metadata. We have a number of resources with both general and legal constraints and users only see the general constraints and not the constraint related to our legal liability for the use of the resource. True, one could just place all constraints in the general section (we have a couple resources with more than one general constraint and both appear in displayed metadata, but then why offer different constraint categories? There are other sections that also fail to display when a user views the metadata online, I just chose one as an example.

My suggestion is to update so that the full metadata is displayed when a user clicks the metadata button, regardless of metadata style chosen. ESRI recognizes the importance of metadata and we take the time to fill it out as completely as we can, should not the viewer be able to see all the information that was provided?

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