Allow use of local proxy for OpenData (and AGOL)

06-08-2016 09:41 AM
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OpenData expects all data to be freely accessible, but there are times that we would like to allow for a query/filtered download access to our secure AGS services.

Although, I admit I am still confused by the proxy process, after much research and support tickets, I see this as being able to happen if AGOL and Opendata could be called/referenced as part of the GitHub - Esri/resource-proxy: Proxy files for DotNet, Java and PHP.  with the "allowedReferers" and if there was a way to create a "ProxyRule" for a AGOL/OpenData when adding an AGS Web Service, rather than trying to store credentials with the service.

This may be an overly simplified solution, but bottom line, I would like to allow controlled access to secure AGS services without a user login, using the proxy file on our AGS/IIS server (.net).

Since OpenData is not a separate category for ideas at this time, taging: ArcGIS Hub ArcGIS Open Data community

Just to add other ideas that are related, but not quite the same:


Although I will leave this out here just in case anything can be done, as my understanding of proxies grows (even if still just the tip or the iceberg), I do not see that this will be a possibility.  From the lack of up votes, my guess is those that are more knowledgeable already know that. Final (only) solution for me at this time for accessing the secure services for clip-zip-ship is still to use a GP service and expose in a JS API or WAB web page.  Just an fyi.

by Anonymous User

We are working on a way for customers to provide access to private or closed data, that would provide the same UI and experience as public Open Data. The use case we have received around this was around governments wanting to share data with contractors, but not make the data publicly available. We aim to support this in 2017.


Thanks for the information Andrew.  As an workaround/alternative, we were looking at maybe using the Enterprise -Portal 10.5 and local proxies to allow read/display access to our secure services.  This will not be able to be implemented for a while in our shop as we are waiting on IT for a new server, so I look forward to testing this option once available.  



Is this still a possibility of happening this year?