Allow us to customize ArcGIS Online Item Buttons

07-16-2019 08:48 AM
Status: Open
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Some item types in ArcGIS Online present the user different options. These include:

 - Survey123 - Includes a custom button for "Open in Survey123"

 - Workforce - "Open in Workforce for ArcGIS"

Web maps have an assortment of buttons, like "Open in ArcGIS Desktop", "Create presentation", etc.  All these mentioned are all hard coded buttons though. Some orgs may use them, some orgs may want to use different buttons, and some orgs may want to link to their own applications. Give us the ability to change the buttons displayed for item types. The main one I can think of would be Web Maps. Orgs could do something like this:

Which could link to a web app like<webMapId>


Generally, I like the idea but I would have some concerns on how this works. It seems to me you could easily get into a situation where there's just a whole bunch of buttons on the side. Maybe a dropdown-style button where all of your custom buttons could be hosted, similar to the way the 'Open in ArcGIS Desktop' button works.

Also Would you propose doing this at the individual item level or generally, like add this button to all 'Hosted Feature Layers', or perhaps both.

Then there's the question of what that button should do and how it does it. Are you proposing just a simple URL call or would you want to be able to write some JS functions that will be called when the button is clicked? I highly doubt Esri would give us the latter and honestly, I'd be surprised if they gave us the former.


Good questions. I'm open to suggestions on the UI and how its displayed to the end user. My main goal with this is just proposing better integration with 3rd party apps from the main Portal/AGO user's point of view. Its difficult sometimes to teach people how to get to and use multiple apps. If they're already using AGO then this simplifies that process.

As far as linking to other apps I'm definitely not proposing any javascript modifications. I completely agree this would be a major concern. I'm envisioning a backend page (for admins only) where they  would be able to configure app integrations for item types and pass pieces of information from the item to a 3rd party app.

Something like this: