Allow the Size of 3D Billboard-Style Picture Symbology to Remain Static in ArcGIS Online

03-26-2017 10:11 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II
  • I have a point feature class that I brought into ArcGIS Pro as a 3D layer.
  • I symbolized the points using picture markers, with billboard display and signpost rotation selected in the symbology properties.
  • In the layer properties of the point layer that is symbolized with picture markers, under the Display tab, the check box is selected for     "Display 3D symbols in real-world units." This way the size of the 3D picture symbols remains static as I zoom in and out,                     allowing me to zoom in close to the pictures and allowing the pictures to be placed properly in relation to the objects captured in the     pictures.
  • I shared this as a Web Scene to ArcGIS Online, which worked for the most part, but the size of the 3D picture symbols is dynamic and changes as you zoom in and out.
I am trying to make it so that the size of the 3D picture symbology remains static in a Web Scene as it does in ArcGIS Pro.
If there were a way to either check a box for "Display 3D symbols in real-world units", make it so that when you share a web scene from ArcGIS Pro, if the symbols are displayed in real world units that they stay this way, or if there was a way to determine the size of the symbols and determine if the size will be fixed or dynamic for a web scene layer in ArcGIS Online the same way you can if you symbolize 3D point symbols in ArcGIS Online, the problem would be solved.
This enhancement will also allow others to place photos in 3D at the point that they are taken and create compelling, visually stimulating story maps which can serve as a kind of geospatial photo journal.