Allow photos added as attachments to a Feature Service to be rotated in ArcGIS Online.

07-16-2013 10:35 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

It would be nice to have a way to either rotate the photo before or after adding it to a feature in ArcGIS Online or the ArcGIS Online App. This way you can insure that the photograph is oriented the right way for viewing. Sometimes the way you hold a phone, you could end up with a photo upside down or horizontal instead of vertical. Having this extra feature would make the images more meaningful when clicking on the attachments. The viewer would not have to try to change their orientation to see the image correctly. This would be especially useful when doing a presentation where you could not reorient the screen. This functionality could be a small button on the attachment's webpage to rotate the image or the ability to preview and change the orientation before officially attaching it to the feature.

Also, the ArcGIS for iOS and Android apps should detect how the picture is oriented upon upload so that rotation post-upload isn't necessary. I know that there is a difference between how a photo is displayed and how it's actually stored (raw). But most apps have the ability to read the current photo display and use that when uploading. The Esri apps should too.
Great idea!!!!!!!
Allowing you to rotate it in the app is no good, when you take it it looks the righ way up all the time.  Like djarard says the app needs to detect and store them upright.