Allow Org and User to control default search location when adding layers

04-20-2018 12:43 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

In the April 2018 AGO release, the default in a web map was changed from "My Organization" to "My Content" when using Add>Search for Layers. While this works great for some Orgs, many users in our Org use AGO to add existing Org content, and now they are wondering why they can't find any layers. 

I can see why each user might want a different default place to search, so it would be helpful if the user could modify this for themselves. 

I'd like to combine this with the ability to set the default at the Org level, so as Admin, I could set our Org's default to My Organization, and users could choose to override (and save) the default with My Content. 

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YES! We would LOVE to be able to set the default search parameters to "My Organization" Filter by Status = Authoritative.