Allow manual reordering of Defined Values in Dashboard Category Selector

08-09-2018 07:01 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Currently, users must define custom values to customize the order of the displayed selector options. While this is simple for values with only a few options, a drop down menu with >10 defined values becomes time consuming. I propose adding an up/down button to re-order the Defined Values instead of having to add them manually using the Custom Values option.


Up, down arrows or drag n drop would be great. Currently if I want to add a new option and place it in a different order I have retype everything.

cannot reorder


Yes! This seems like a fairly simple feature but it would make things so much easier. I recently made a drop-down with 50 defined values, and I wanted them displayed in alphabetical order in the drop-down. Had to be very careful I didn't make a mistake when entering them or I'd have to go back and repeat a lot of work!

I guess in the long run this isn't a "game changer" feature but it really would make for a better user interface. Pretty please, Esri?  


Any updates about this?  I fully agree with original poster.  It's 2022.