Allow List Import for Field Domains in ArcGIS Online

11-07-2019 06:52 AM
Status: Open
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Currently you can manually define a list of fields to restrict data values in ArcGIS Online.

You can even "Generate List" from the data in a field at a given time.

The problem is, you do not always have all data categories represented in a feature dataset when you want to set up a list (thus, Generate List only generates a subset of the attributes that you want in the list).

I would like to see a "List Import" option in ArcGIS Online Field List Configuration.

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My organization is configuring a tree inspection application that requires a large picklist of scientific tree names in the app/attribute table. I would like the ability to upload a .csv file of domains similar to what I am able to do in other ESRI products such as Survey123 Connect.