Allow Level 1 Accounts to join Groups with Update Capability

01-14-2019 01:44 PM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

When creating a group in ArcGIS Online (Organizational account) that has group members able to update items, a Level 1 (non-edit) account cannot be added to the group. As a result, we have to manage two groups. In some cases this may be the best option, however often this is overkill.

It would be good to be able to add Level 1 accounts to groups with update of content enabled, while honoring individual users privileges. This would allow users that can edit to edit group content while users who can't edit still can't edit, but can join the group to view content.

This would simplify group and content management.



I love this idea!  We spend so much time as an organization making multiple groups for different license types.  It's all unnecessary admin time due to this simple issue.  ESRI - please make this change!


Yup - this is a pain, and having to make multiple copies of groups for users with different privileges is a time-consuming and irritating workaround. If the user account isn't able to create content, that user account should still be able to join groups with content creation/updates and just not be allowed to create content!