Allow grouped values in Operation Dashboard lists

02-11-2020 10:49 AM
Status: Open
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Grouped values allow for a effective way to summarize data without losing the details of your data or having to create a separate feature class to summarize data. Pie charts and serial charts allow for grouped values, which are actionable with other elements. I would like to have that same functionality in the list element. 


Great idea James Burton. We are very keen on this.

I'm wondering if anyone has any success achieving via customization out there or any other solutions???

We are basically wanting to quantify the list into Grouped Values as the category selectors are changed (in our case the Category Selectors are Year Completed & Project Number). I cannot see the List has any aggregate capabilities.

Would love to get other opinions on this topic @.

operaions dashboard‌


This is exactly what I need to implement with my dashboard.  This simple function would provide another intuitive visualisation in a format which people would understand.  It is possible to achieve this at present through the combination of indicators and category selectors but this does not provide a complete view of the data, only for the selection you set up.  When this comes online it will be an improvement.

If anyone knows another method of achieving this please let us know!!!


I'm having the same issue, but think I can get around it by using SELECT DISTINCT on a view of my data and publish that as an additional data source. Far from ideal though.


This function is extremely needed for full using Operations Dashboard.



I solved it with the function Distinct of Arcade. It is very powerful


@AbdoulayeDiop Could you share your Arcade code?
I am trying to do same thing but couldn't find solution. 


@anonymous55here is the code

// FeatureSetByPortalItem ( portal , itemId , layerId , fieldList , includeGeometry )

var featureset = FeatureSetByPortalItem(Portal('link_of_your_portal'), 'id_of_ressource', layer_id, [list_of_fields], false);

// Function  Distinct ( featureset , fields )
return Distinct(featureset , 'your_field')

Below the documentation



Hi, I managed to get this code working but after I use it on my list to group data the chart actions can't be applied to the list anymore. Is there anyway to get around this?