Allow for user to create folders or categories for favorite items.

10-23-2019 12:39 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Create folders to store favorite items in AGOL rather than just have a list of favorites so they can be categorized by a user.


The ability to make favorites in AGOL already exists.  If you click the little star next to your service it will put in in your favorites.


Correct, but there is no way to categorize your favorites.  If I have 50 favorite layers there is no way to categorize those favorites, they are just listed out. Categories like you have for groups would work, or creating folders.


you could create Tags for them and after you put them in your favorites you can hits the tags button and a drop down will appear. you can either select a tag or start typing one in


That would work, but how does a user create/assign a tag on a favorite item?  I know you can't tag someone else's layer so not sure how that works.