Allow for hyperlinks, editing of text bodies in new homepage editor

09-10-2020 02:52 PM
Status: Open
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The new homepage editor has limited functionality for text bodies -- it does not allow for any customization, including hyperlinks, color/font changes, etc. The inability to add hyperlinks is our biggest issue; our current agol homepage has been customized using html/css to include custom icons and links to external digital resources (our main website, Esri's Learn GIS tutorials, etc). 

New homepage editor:

Text Block

Existing site (some information blocked off):


The new homepage configuration will completely take away the custom functionality we have built for our company's AGOL homepage.  At the bare minimum, allowing for hyperlinks would allow us to quickly direct users to the web apps they need to access.  The new gallery option as it stands is pretty useless for our purposes. If ESRI doesn't not want to give that customized functionality back, then we need to be able to select which items appear in the gallery as a work around. 


I agree with both Reina and Davina. The new homepage editor needs to have basic additional customization functionality for users, including basic HTML support for text blocks. I know this was only released in the June 2020 update, but if the "URL block" is the only way to add a hyperlink, that is not sufficient functionality and unfortunately feels like a step backward from the legacy homepage editor toolkit. 

I also agree better support in being able to select which items appear in what order of the gallery would be very helpful. 

I hope Esri will be able to roll out html/css support soon and better gallery support soon. 

by Anonymous User

Hi @ReinaCMurray - hyperlinks and control over text color have been implemented over the past couple ArcGIS Online updates. The only aspect of the idea that hasn't been added yet is changing the font - I would recommend creating a more focused idea for modifying the font so that the product team knows exactly what feature is receiving kudos. 

Here is the blog on the new color capabilities. We would love to hear your feedback on this feature. 




Hi @Anonymous User

Thanks for the update! Really appreciate it. It definitely helps a lot. 

One thing that is still missing (I'll make another idea for it) is being able to copy/export the configured homepage's html and CSS. I manage several agol orgs, including both dev and prod environments. I often will play with changes to the homepage/other configs in our dev org, and then copy the changes over into the main org. With the old homepage editor, it was nice to be able to just copy the html code and paste it over into the second org. Given how websites are structured today, I can understand if that's too simplistic, but some kind of way to copy/port over a homepage and re-upload it would be really nice. 

Again, thanks though for making this update! Appreciate it!

by Anonymous User

Thanks for the feedback on copying a homepage @ReinaCMurray! As groups/images would differ by organization, would you just want a template of how the home page was arranged, minus the content?