Allow for comments when appending data

01-30-2020 07:33 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

Allow for comments when appending data in ArcOnline, similar to commit comments in versioning in GitHub.


I'm collecting biodiversity data in the field. I recently converted from paper forms to Survey123 forms. In the ArcOnline feature, I want to append legacy data from the years prior to the Survey123 forms. Later, I might need to change some taxonomic data in the records (e.g., the scientific name of the organism changed).

To store a comment about what I was doing when I appended the data will help understanding statistics and changes in the feature. 


would a standardized pick-list meet this need?


I don't think a standardized pick-list would meet the need, although it would be better than nothing/the notes I make in the filenames and summaries I end up exporting.

I'm not looking to add a field in the Survey itself. I'm looking to be able to add a comment when I append data via the AGOL portal.