Allow FeatureSet Functions to be Accessed in Arcade Expressions for Style Symbology

03-06-2019 10:46 AM
Status: Open
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That or allow for Style Symbology Arcade Expressions access the other arcade expressions in the pop-ups.


ArcGIS Online‌ Any updates for when this functionality will be available?

Eager to use Arcade symbology from Feature Sets for a current project!


Update: In case anyone else stumbles across this thread.

According to Esri it doesn't sound like this will be implemented in the next release of AGOL on June 25th, 2019: 


I love that I can include attributes from other layers in the popup, but I would really like to be able to symbolize using it too!


Definitely keen to see this implemented. If only recently started using FeatureSet in my expressions, it is super useful so a shame it is limited.


+1 !

I really need this too. I was happy to obtain data from an another Layer in my pop up with FeatureSetbyName or FeatureSetbyID, but really disapointed to see that it doesn't work for style...


Yes please, this would be really useful!

An example of where this would be useful: I have points symbolised as pie charts and I want the pie chart to show the sum of all values from the join table related to that that point. Currently with a join view, I get several pie charts on top of each other. Or similarly, I would like the size of a point symbol to change according to the sum of all values from the join table related to that that point. Currently with a join view, I get several separate points on top of each other.


Feature class with related tables gives us a clean, logical structure. Unfortunately, to symbolize maps based on values calculated from multiple fields in a related table, we either duplicate fields in feature class and table, and add code to sync values, or break up the proper relational structure of our attributes. 

Use case: 1:N relate, only use most recent value. Use most recent inspection date, and inspection interval, and current date, to symbolize features needing inspection in the coming year.

I imagine there may be performance issues with this request: a related popup is singular, vs calculated symbology for everything displayed - but sometimes the symbology is worth the wait, and the mapmaker can judge whether to employ it.