Allow creation of Feature Layer (hosted view) by joining 3 related tables

04-16-2019 08:59 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Currently if you have a feature layer with 3 related tables: parent -> child -> grandchild

you can join parent -> child and create a new feature layer (hosted view)

However, when you now join this new feature layer to the grandchild table you are unable to create a new feature layer (hosted view) - the option is greyed out.

So I cannot create a dashboard report that has all 3 tables updating live as the data updates. It would make sense if you can have 3 related tables that you would be able to join all 3 tables in a live view.


Hi Igor

Have you tried to create a SQL view file?


Is this functionality of creating "live feature views" in the works for AGOL? I have the following problem.


'SignPosts' feature layer related to 'Signs' table related to 'SignInspection' table. I need to symbolize the 'SignPost' feature layer with values from the 'SignInspection' table. This is not possible in  AGOL as far as I can see.