Allow AGO group name sharing visibility on Item Detail page

09-01-2021 02:52 PM
Status: Open
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I would like the ability to see what groups our organizational content has been shared to on the Item detail page.  All that can be discovered on this page is that it is shared to a group, but you cannot see what group it is shared to without taking ownership of the Item and opening the sharing dialog.

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When I hover my mouse over a group icon in the Content View, I'd like to see what the group name is rather than what's shown now.


The click action could still open the Share dialog, which should also show the group name when I hover over the icons. Instead, I have to click "Edit group sharing" and click the "n groups selected" dropdown to discover with which groups I've share the content.



I completely agree!  This would be incredibly helpful to have a mouse hover over the group listing show the group names rather than having to go into 'Edit group sharing' then scroll through the list to see who it's shared with.


Agree, should also show up on hover from Content (rather than content > item detail page > edit > edit group sharing). The monogram is not useful.