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Allow accounts to have the Admin role without consuming a creator entitlement.

04-21-2022 08:21 AM
Status: Open
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Large enterprises may have accounts in ArcGIS online for the sole purpose of site, usage and license administration. ArcGIS online should allow Admin accounts to be created that have no product entitlements but can have the Administration role assigned to them.


Are you asking for a User Type this is an Administrator but has Role that can only handle licensing for users?

I would speculate a new User Type called Administration or a new Role called Administration.

If you go into your AGOL account as an Administrator and go to Organization > Settings

You can set New User Defaults.  I believe by default it is set to Not Set


Writing as someone who is part of a large Enterprise Portal environment.

And as someone who is an Admin for our Portal and AGOL environment.

It would be a very bad idea to create a bunch of new Administrators, which is what I believe you are trying to avoid. 



Hey @RobertBorchert thanks for the question.

Yes this could be a new user type that would be assigned the built in role of Administrator.


I can see the use for that, especially for education institutions or others with a lot of turn over. 

We have 561 accounts set up in our Portal. 

We only have the 5 GIS people in as Administrators.  But it is easy to manage as we only need to set up new users.  

We use SAML authentication, when someone leaves our company they are automatically removed from Portal and their license is freed up. 

by Anonymous User

Did you get any resolution to this? I see the comment is 1year old & we're having the exact same issue over here.

They're trying to tell me I have to pay for an additional license. In other words we are paying to consume a software license just to add/remove users. It doesn't make any sense.


I have not heard anything from ESRI on this topic.


"we are paying to consume a software license just to add/remove users. It doesn't make any sense." - exactly.



Great recommendation. This needs more upvotes!


This idea is particularly useful for small organisations, because if a user leaves employment and they are the only GIS user, the license is held hostage by them. 

Without an administrative-only role (no mapping functionality) the  subscription cannot be easily reassigned to a new user. 


Is this possible yet? We as an organization shouldn't be forced to pay for licensing that we are not using. Admin accounts should be a basic thing.


It's absurd this was not there from day 1