Allow ability to configure actions for indicators in Operations Dashboard

01-07-2019 12:47 PM
Status: Open
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A great feature of operations dashboard is the ability to configure actions for various components added to the dashboard. For example, you can configure actions for a pie chart such that when a slice of the pie is selected only those features in the map that have that particular value will be filtered to show.

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, Actions do not appear to be an option for Indicator components:

This is baffling given the popularity of indicators in the dashboard. Users love them because they are so simple, yet when I have a number of indicators in a dashboard the first thing I almost always get asked by users is "can I click on the number to see where those particular points are on the map?". For example, below is a dashboard of mock welfare data for an emergency management exercise. When I showed this to the users they liked it but immediately asked if they could click on the Emergency Assistance Needs numbers so they could filter and see the distribution of those with each type of emergency assistance need. This could not be done with Indicators so I embedded a webapp with it's own filter widget to do this but the webapp is disconnected from any Actions in any other components of the dashboard so this kind of defeats the purpose. I realise we could use a List or other type of dashboard component to allow this Action functionality but the point is our users want Actions for Indicators.


This is a really, really good idea. Take the Citizen Problem Dashboard, for example (pre-January 2019 update):

Citizen Probelm Dashboard indicators

Every time I show this to someone, they try clicking on the indicators to go to that data. Looking for the tabs along the bottom is less intuitive, especially when they sometimes coalesce into one large tab with little arrows on the sides (difficult to realize there are multiple tabs there, much less what those tabs are, if you're not familiar with the dashboard).

It would be awesome to be able to click on an indicator and go straight to a specified tab (where detailed map and list content would reside), or maybe even have that indicator filter other map(s), list(s), etc. accordingly.

Right now, indicators make decent at-a-glance references, but are still sorely underutilized in a well-connected dashboard.


Would love to have this functionality. I'm currently designing a dashboard which contains survey forms from field workers. It would be useful for managers to see how many forms are coming from which counties. I have an indicator set up for total forms and I'd like for the indicator to change when I select a certain county.