All pin color changes in zone lookup configurable app

02-03-2021 07:54 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

In the Zone Lookup configurable app, I can turn the map pin on/off but I can't control anything else about it, including color.  I checked with Esri Support about this issue and they made several suggestions like changing the basemap to something that contrasts more with the map pin or downloading the app and changing the code. 

Changing the color or symbology of the map pin would make the application easier and more flexible for designers to control the look and feel of their application.  The same could be said about the color, font, and size of the map pin label that's added.


Thanks for the support.


Zone Lookup has been updated to allow you to modify the color of the map pin and map pin label. You can see this option in the Interactivity - Modify section of the configuration experience. 

We plan to offer additional options in a future release including options to modify the size of the marker and change the symbol. 


@KellyHutchins This is great.  Thank you for making the change.