AGOL - Web Map Location Search by Layer (String and Integer field limitations)

05-27-2019 01:36 PM
Status: Open
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In ArcGIS Online, web map configuration, we can enable search by layers within specific fields. Very useful although it is only available for String and Integer fields, it does not include the ObjectID field type. Would it be possible to allow for search in other field types? ObjectID, GlobalID, Dates, etc.

In a particular case of mine, I need to locate rapidly, for over-the-phone-point-validation, newly added features using ObjectID (features added through Survey123 embedded in a public StoryMap). So the data does not exist before the public contributes. Therefore, I cannot work my data in advance in ArcGIS Pro using Calculate Field. Alternatively, I could publish from ArcGIS Pro a reference registered feature layer and use Attribute Rule Calculation to populate a custom string field from ObjectID, but it defies the purpose of having hosted feature layers in AGOL in the first place. Another alternative would be to use a widget in a web app. Yet again, it defies the purpose of quick and easy web map search in the search tool, specially for non GIS users.

Simply put, please enable other field types for search by layer.

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This is exactly what I need too. Was very surprised when I realized I couldn’t configure layer search based on the global ID or object ID fields.  

ESRI, please make this happen!