AGOL - View Items Details Syncs with Corresponding Date

08-23-2018 03:47 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

When viewing the status of your AGOL organizational account, why does View Item Details not sync with the date selected? This information should reflect the information for the date selected, not just for that moment.

For example, if you click the Organization tab, Status tab, choose a start/end date, click on Storage for the Credit Utilization Chart, click Feature Storage, choose Standard Feature Data Store, then View Item Details, the result is for that particular moment you clicked the button, not the selected period at the top.

Why would you have every other number on the page reflective of the start/end date chosen, yet not update the Title/Owner/Size/Created/Modified to reflect the same dates? The resulting information is somewhat useless if I cannot view what the history of my organizations use is and/or was.