AGOL Symbology for Indexed Feature Services

05-14-2020 03:53 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

When a user tried to reference a specific layer within a REST service, AGOL seems to treat it as a feature layer and recreate the symbology itself. Since AGOL has limited symbology functionality, any layer symbology that consists of multiple symbology (such as a polygon color fill with hatching overlaying it), is automatically changed to conform to AGOL's simpler symbology. Attached are two images that show an example of this: The first (OriginalSymbology) shows how the symbology should render (which can be accessed at this link: (public/NFHL (MapServer) ) , and the second image (SimplifiedAGOLsymbology), shows what happens when you bring this service into AGOL by referencing its specific layer index (Layer: Flood Hazard Zones (ID: 28) ). It seems that tiling and caching do not resolve this issue either. A work around is to publish an individual layer as a separate service, but it would be easier just to have users be able to do this using the original service (that way, there are less services to manage).