AGOL printing AGAIN!

08-08-2017 11:30 AM
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AGOL printing continues to be problematic/non-existent for pure online AGOL/BAO shops like mine.  Endless screencapping and editing and hacking together of suitable maps and legends.

(The new "print" feature that puts a legend in there is nice try, suitable for only the simplest of maps, and still requires a screencap!)

At UC I saw a demo of the print widget for the ArcGIS app generator.  It contains a URL that WORKS for PRINTING in a web app!!!  Yet if you plug this same URL into the AGOL Org definitions, it is specifically NOT ALLOWED.

Why do you let any schmoe on the web print a nice map to PDF, and we paying AGOL customers cannot?  AGOL must have native print on par with BAO--which, ironically, is made out of AGOL to begin with...

The workflow of making PPT slides from screencaps is back-breaking and awful.  Please realize that 99% of you customers are making PPT slides for Execs, and it is terrible and labor intensive beyond belief.

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The magic printing URL is:

Why not open it up to paying AGOL customers?


From what I understand the above url is the default printing service for ArcGIS Online so I'm not sure you wouldn't have access.If you create a new app using Web AppBuilder in ArcGIS Online > add a print widget, what is the url set to? 

Mine is already set to the default print service without having to make any changes:


Strange. The print widget is where I got that URL.

If you paste the URL into the preferences in your AGOL org, it doesn’t stay. Perhaps because it is the default? You are saying it is going there anyways?

I can tell you one thing: the URL when accessed from the print widget gives you options that you don’t get from using it in AGOL. Like PDF! Here’s the menu from a demo app I made on my org to test it.

I enclosed the PDF output. Basically, if we could get higher size and resolution PDF’s, it would make many tasks better. If we could get anything close to a “generic” letter format with scale and legend, it would really help. Other on the feedback have noted this as well.



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