AGOL Organization Admin: allow filtering users by email

07-21-2015 01:24 AM
Status: Open
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I administer an AGOL organization for a university, and I expect user numbers to grow into hundreds.
For administration of a large number of users, the AGOL user managment is very poor. For example, to comply with licensing, every summer I need to identify and deactivate accounts of students who left the university. Currently this is a completely manual process.
- Allow search for users by email address, e.g. '@student.*.edu'.
- Allow filter by role
- Allow export of user data to Excel so we can process it there

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Thanks for submitting this idea.

Some of these comments have a seperate idea or have been implemented. This specific entry is going to apply to the ability to filter users by email.
To support and idea about being able to export uesr data to excel, please see this Idea 

It is currently possible to filter users by role by typing the desired role into the search or Name... search box