AGOL: Limit Scene Extent for global 3D-Webscenes

09-03-2018 02:15 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor

We desided in our organisation to use global 3D-Szenes in Arcgis Online, because they are easy to create (no need to worry about tiles-sizes and coordinate systems, just use agol definitions) and Esris Basemaps can be easily used.

However, local scenes have (had) some advantages:

- underground navigation (which is now available for global scenes, too - thanks for that!)

- Ability to limit Scene Extent (still missing)

(We can not store and update all our basic data in both systems just to use this options)

To Limit Scene Extent for global Scenes would also be very usefull, e.g. to improve browser performance especially on limited PCs or mobile devices, or just to prevend users to get lost on the globe an focus on the objects of interest.

So please enable Scene Extents also for global Webscenes - this would be very usefull !!!