AGOL Layer List of Values Label/Code Shapefile Export

05-09-2022 07:00 AM
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I am just a field tech so my question may be a little rudimentary, I did try to find a solution by searching through the forums, but once it gets into Python and coding its a whole different language that I don't understand.  The question or suggestion I had was, on ArcGIS Online Layers, is it possible to add an option for the 'Labels' on a list of a Layer be the attribute to export on a shapefile? For instance, I have a hydrant layer and on one of the attributes it is a "Manufacture" which contains about  14 different manufactures. I made a list on the "Manufacture" attribute of my Hydrant Layer, 1 through 14 numerically on the 'Code' and on the Label I input each individual manufacture. The discrepancy is when I export the layer as a shapefile through AGOL and import it to ArcMap, the attribute table shows the "Manufacture" attribute (and others) as the numerical Code and not the Label. The work around for now is I just provided our office personnel the list I created so they know what numerical code defines what label. It would be beneficial to have the labels exported into the shapefiles, but I'm not sure if that's possible or not. Any info would help greatly. 

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The CODE is what is stored in the database table and the shapefile .dbf

If you are using the Shape file in the MXD without importing it into a database there is not much you can do about it.

If you are importing the shapefile into a database you can apply the domain to the field


When you open the shapefile in the MXD and you assign symbology, you can specify the DESCRIPTION as the LABLE for the symbol


I feel the best practice would be to change the domain to a Full String Domain by changing the CODE to a Text Value that is the same as the DESCRIPTION