AGOL Interface Dark Theme

06-20-2017 07:28 AM
Status: Open
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Can we please get the option of getting a dark theme for the AGOL interface for at least the My Content page and item detail pages? I spend the vast majority of my time on those pages when I'm not working in web maps/web apps. There is so much white space it's just blasting my eyes. 

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Here is a quick workaround. You can add this *.png to the homepage to create a quasi dark theme. Not perfect but is does quiet the screen a bit.Black background


Windows 10 Night light


I realise this is an old ideas post, however, I'm here as I was looking for an answer on dark mode.


So, given it's four years later and browser tech has moved along, along with AGOL and associated apps, can we please have dark mode of AGOL?

Experience Builder has it, so does Quick Capture once you start editing. It'd be a really nice and welcomed addition.



@JonathanMcDougall  Esri Communities should get dark mode, too! In fact...everything should get it!


Jumping in here to echo everyone else--please give us dark mode Esri 😩 I would like to keep making maps when the sun goes down, but these white pages are killing me.


I would love to see dark mode for AGOL and the esri community pages. I agree with others, the white is stark and hard to look at for more than a few seconds. Please, please, please give us an option for dark mode!


Another vote for a native dark-night mode :ballot_box_with_ballot:. I'm using the "Dark Reader" browser extension to get close to the same effect for now.