AGOL > Group Category Schemas/Trees & Additional Functionality

07-27-2021 06:43 AM
Status: Open
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Our company's context regarding categorization includes: many office locations across the state, different disciplines, and need geospatial data (variety of feature categories) at the federal, state, and local levels.

It would assist efficiency greatly if "AGOL > Group > Content > Group Category" schema/tree had additional functionality and flexibility to manage groups and their content.

The bottom-line on needed functionality includes:

  1. save a customized group category schema/tree as a template
  2. clone a schema/tree
  3. duplicate a group
  4. pro/demote group categories
  5. move one category into another (conflate or collapse)

For example (quite possible limited by my knowledge and understanding): If you want to create a custom category schema for your group, you can't save it and access the template later for other groups, which leaves you with the laborious and inefficient task of recreating the schema every time.  Nor can you even clone a group with its associated schema which would solve the 'saved template problem.'


The last example is when a user is in their group's content category tree, you cannot pro/demote tree levels, which includes collapsing/conflating sub-bullets.  This type of functionality, is of course, akin to that which is found in office suite functionality in (word, powerpoint, documents, slides, etc.)  Again, once you have the tree, you cannot clone or save it as a template.


Thanks for the opportunity to share and any inputs provided.




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I also would like the ability to promote and demote categories in AGOL.  This would assist in keeping categories organized.