AGOL Functionality for Local UNC Hyperlinks

06-03-2018 06:13 AM
Status: Open
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Add access ability to locally stored (C: drive) documents through attribute hyperlinks in AGOL.

Our organization recently made the switch from ArcGIS Explorer to ArcGIS online for field mapping.  In AGX, we were using hyperlinks in the attribute table to building floor plans which were stored in Dropbox.  We consider this information 'sensitive' based on the nature of some of the structures/processes.  The document's security was considered valid since accessing the floor plans could only be done if you were using the terminal with the Dropbox app installed and logged in.  

I can't see any reason why AGOL should not be allowed to access documents (PDF, Word, Excel) stored on a local C: drive using hyperlinks in the attribute table.  This would prove beneficial for organizations without access to Portal functionality but yet have documents needing to be viewed in the field that are unable to be stored in the organizational account.

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Is there any update from esri to support this functionality? I need to provide users an easy way to access documents in a path to a networked directory. I want to expose a UNC path through a pop-up, allow the user to click on the path, and have a folder open. 


I have read that this is not possible in this article from 2018. FAQ: Is it possible to hyperlink to UNC paths in an ArcGIS Online pop-up window? (