AGOL for Organizations - Allow Admins to Choose When Updates are Implemented

06-13-2016 12:34 PM
Status: Open
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Having ArcGIS Online updates pushed automatically, without an exact release date announced and without a "What's Coming" document can really hamper productivity for staff.  It would be great for Organization admins to be able to schedule the updates, within a reasonable time frame specified by ESRI of course.  Suppose, for example, that I have a meeting with a great new potential client one morning, and I get to the meeting, log in to ArcGIS Online and open my maps ready to show off my work, only to see that functionality of ArcGIS online has changed and there are many more options than I used to have, causing me to stumble in front of my new clients. Or suppose you have 300 employees stumbling around on Monday morning because the ArcGIS Online they learned looks different.  It probably wouldn't be an issue to a GIS person, but definitely can be for someone who uses GIS only occasionally.  Many other browse-based softwares allow a controlled, scheduled update.  I'd love to see AGOL support it too.

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We face the same issue. Yes, we get the email notification that an update is coming, but the time frame is too vague (e.g., "in early November"). We need to know exactly when the update is being rolled out. We have walked into a full training room, about to teach an AGO class, and the UI has been updated overnight, causing the instructor to fumble. We also like to do a quick run through of our most popular public facing apps when we know an update has occurred, because some AGO releases have broken public facing items. We want to be proactive, not reactive.

Even if we can't control when the update is pushed, it would be extremely helpful to know exactly when the change is getting pushed. Even 24 hour notice is better than no notice.