AGOL Credit Usage Report (Database Storage Details) needs to include separate size of feature storage vs attachment storage

04-19-2021 02:28 PM
Status: Open
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The Organizational AGOL Credit Usage Report (titled: Database Storage Details) needs to list both the size of attachments as well as the feature storage size, as these are counted very differently in credit use.

As an Admin to our account, I need to be able to monitor what is using the most credits in storage. The current report just shows total size of an item, even if 99% of that size is in attachments. This is somewhat useless in trying to determine the credit usage of each item. I have to drill into each item individually to see how that storage size breaks down between feature storage vs attachment storage.

Feature storage costs 2.4 credits per 10 MB stored per month (or 240 credits per 1 GB), while attachment storage costs only 1.2 credits per 1 GB stored per month.

It would make it MUCH simpler if I could sort the items based on the feature storage size only.


100% agree. I find it incredibly hard to quickly identify key consumption items (i.e. vector storage) when 'size' in the reports accounts for total size incl attachments. At the moment I have to just assume big size means big consumption but that is definitely not the case.


Exactly what is needed!


This would be really helpful and help drill down into what items are using the most credits, not necessarily by size.

For example if I view details on Standard Feature Data Store credits...




The details show this OCP feature class as using 15,085 MB but the vast majority of that is attachment:


So how do I know how many credits this is using despite being the largest in size, is it also the largest in credit consumption? There is not really enough information here to make decisions around reducing credit usage.


Another year, another comment about how this is a necessary adjustment to the reporting tools.


Bump. Really needing this right now 😞