AGOL content public but not searchable

03-07-2018 01:38 AM
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Ability to share by link only, without making our content searchable through AGOL and browsers. An "unlisted" function similar to what YouTube has and other online mapping providers have enabled already. Specially useful to embed maps on site when I don't necessary want to share the data sources.

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this would be very useful indeed! 


This would be very useful for emergency/disaster response purposes -- sharing a map app by link only (no AGOL account creation) with personnel from various agencies in the field, without having that app searchable/findable by the public. Disaster response field data often includes private or sensitive data like phone numbers, medical info, resource allocation, response prioritizations, etc. that is not suitable for general public.

by Anonymous User

Has there been any discussion on this internally? A colleague wrote to me this morning,

It would be helpful if there was something similar to an unlisted option where folks would only need a link and not have to create an account to review StoryMaps. When uploading a video in YouTube these options are available so you can decide who has the ability to see the video. I know we can share to different groups and publish publicly already, but I was thinking an unlisted option might be useful. Maybe include the ability to choose or create your own watermark (DRAFT, DO NOT DISTRIBUTE, etc.) that will be visible on every page so it is not mistaken for a finished product.


This would be incredibly useful! 




This is extremely useful functionality.  Without it we cannot share our maps with our clients, because that would mean sharing it with the world.  


Is there any way to understand if you consider developing this feature at all? Do you have it on your table? 


We are looking into sharing data with clients using paid third-party options like Ellipsis Drive, which has Google-Drive-like sharing options for spatial data such as “anyone with the link,” because we don’t want to have to create AGO accounts for one-time exchanges of data. However, this only helps for sharing the data itself. It doesn’t help if we want to share an app publicly without making the underlying data discoverable by anyone.

Even when we do create client accounts, the AGO login process can be a stumbling block for them if they’re  not used to it. It would be incredibly useful to be able to share data and apps with a link without leaving the Esri ecosystem and without making them publicly searchable.