AGOL: Configure Automated Notifications

09-28-2015 06:34 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
As an admin of our AGOL organization, I appreciate the many improvements ESRI has made to the account and usage status reporting. To improve the administration of our account, I would like to see greater capacity to set rules within the organization.

Please consider providing functionality to allow administrators (or other roles) to configure automatic notications based on usage limits, and to have these notifications distributed outside an organization (or named user account).
  1. Administrators should be able to configure automated notifications to be triggered when --
    1. organization credits fall below one or more specified amounts (e.g. <5,000 credits, <2,500, etc.)
    2. organization credit consumption exceeds a specified cap in a given time period (e.g. >500 credits per day)
    3. credit consumption exceeds a specified cap (e.g. >500 credits) per user, service or group.
  2. Administrators should be able to configure the method by which notifications are communicated outside AGOL (e.g. via email and specify the recipients; or RSS)
  3. Add the ability to 'set rules' as a privilege to the role definition webpage. 
It would like to ad that administrators should be able to configure automated notifications for members within the our organization.

For example, we have 4 listed adminstrator contacts for AGOL at our organization. It would be ideal in the automatic message to direct the user from a specific community to contact their administrator. For example, if a student from our School of Engineering needs assistance, then the message can read: If you are from the School of Engineering, please contact xxx xxx, at
I like this idea of configurable alert notifications.  Currently I login to AGOL every Friday morning and I record our remaining credits and the credits used in the past 7 days in an Excel spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet estimates the date when we will run out of credits.

In addition to the list of notifications you suggested I would also like to be notified when my credits increase.  For example when I get an additional 100 credits on the renewal of an ArcGIS Desktop License or if I purchase additional credits.  In large organizations it can sometimes be a long time from the initiation of a purchase to the delivery of the credits.  It can be hard to keep track of.