AGOL - Builit-in Coordinate Calculator to Convert Northing/Easting to Lat Long

03-23-2015 12:51 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
Currently, when we work in Northing/Easting coordinate system, we need to convert this dataset off-AGOL site into Latitude and Longitude before these can be plotted in AGOL. We found this has becomes less productive as AGOL only recognise Latitude and Latitude but not other coordinate system. 

Can we have a Coordinate Convertor Calculator/Conversion tool within AGOL to convert Northing/Easting projection into Latitude and Longitude and plot these output without going off-AGOL site?

Following are the propose workflow:
1)    [Existing] Add Item from my computer
2)    [Existing] Review field types and location field prompt, define which column is X-Axis (instead of Longitude) [New] and which column is Y-Axis (instead of Latitude) [New]
3)    [New] Define coordinate system & projection 
4)    [Existing] Add Item. (The file will be loaded into the server and the conversion process for Northing/Easting is started based on the coordinate conversion setting on the back end process before plotting these locations into the map window)