AGOL - add layer to new map with full editing control, have ability to reopen map with full editing control

02-04-2016 05:08 AM
Status: Open
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As of today (2/4/16), if an ArcGIS Online user is part of a group with a status of "Members can update all items in this group," the user can add a hosted feature layer (that has access and update capabilities shared with the group) to a new map with full editing control.  However, if the user saves and shares the new map with access and update capabilities to the group, editing will not be available upon reopening the saved/shared map; the user would have to open another new map with full editing control each time the user would like to edit the hosted feature layer.

Would it be more effecient for maps created by group members with full editing control to be able to save maps with full editing control for later use?

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Would be nice if Collector also recognized the editable feature layers based on the group privileges and allowed for edits in the app too.