AGO Recycle Bin

08-12-2013 07:24 AM
Status: In Product Plan
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One of the great things about AGO is the ability to quickly add and change items...but this is also a danger. It's very easy for a user to delete services, maps, apps, etc. on which they spent hours working and are perhaps required to do business. With one click of a button, a well-intentioned user could bring business to a grinding halt, with no recovery option except to re-create or re-register. This makes using AGO as a production environment concerning.

Building off the Deleting an ArcGIS Online Feature Service  idea, I would take it one step further and suggest that when items are deleted, not only are decencies listed, but that they also go to a master Recycle Bin area within AGO. Maybe this is a default AGO group to which only admins have access, and the admins can configure how many days items stay in the Recycle Bin.


I agree that ArcGIS  should have a trash folder because when we delete the old services and we just think that the old one is the best service for our solutions, so it is very useful if we can recover the old one back to the solution. 


Recently deleted the live form instead of the feature layer - argh! Rebuilt form but a 'recycle bin'  would be most welcome.



I just added a duplicate idea post - didn't see this one. This still remains an issue since 2013!!! Wow!


Adding trash Bin to AGO and Enterprise will be very useful for Admins.


Yes please!!

I have a Recycle Bin in Microsoft's OneDrive and Google's Google Drive.  This seems like it should be feasible in ArcGIS Online.

Microsoft's OneDrive Recycle Bin Policy:
"If you're signed into OneDrive with a Microsoft account, items in the recycle bin are automatically deleted 30 days after they're put there. If your recycle bin is full, the oldest items will be automatically deleted after three days."


This is a great idea and would eliminate a lot of risk we have as an organization hosting data in AGOL's cloud


Yes!  Isn't this critical for a cloud-based work environment?  Especially one that hosts crucial data for decision-making.


We have a Backup Utility desktop application for Windows with a growing customer list, including several large organizations. We don't mind at all giving you a trial even if you don't plan to buy it, and you can at least get a current archive of your org. Hit us up on the ArcGIS Marketplace!


@JosephRhodes2  Could we setup a quick meeting to go over functionality and cost for our organization?


@BrettShaver Certainly. I'll DM you.