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AGO-Assistant admin

02-21-2019 02:29 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

AGO-Assistant has proved invaluable to my organization for updating service URLs. Unfortunately, although admin, I can only update my own services and maps. This means the workflow for service URL updates within the organization  requires taking ownership, modifying, and returning each item in the organization, or explaining to each publisher how to use AGO-Assistant on their own maps to update and which services are affected.

It would be ideal if AGO-Assistant could recognize admin status within an organization, and allow display, search and update functions throughout the organization.


It does allow you to edit any content if you're an admin, but you have to search for something. It doesn't just list everything like it does for your own content. I see your comment is from a year ago; perhaps this functionality has been added since then.

On the dropdown menu to the right of the search box, select your org, then type something in. It will give you all results regardless of owner. It's not a total solution if you want to browse all your org's content, but it's better than nothing.


Thanks Jeff,

That is useful, as it allows searching both on title and type. We use AGOL Assistant the most when a service address has changed, and we want to find every occurrence of the old URL on our site and update it. By searching for "service" I can grab everything. Thanks again for a very useful tool.